Seriously, what ELSE was I going to do for the forty-second geek craft than to dig up a hitchhiker’s craft project. So, I found you all a crochet version of Marvin by Indiecoolqueen.

Sadly there isn’t a pattern for this little guy. What? You WANT a pattern? Talk about needy.

Fine. There’s a slighly different variation here that was put together by Beth. It’s $4 for the pattern, which really isn’t that bad for a single crochet pattern.

I hope you’re all real happy with yourselves for making me have to go to the trouble of finding that for you. Jerks.

WHAT?! You want MORE?! Jeez.

Here you go, a papercraft model of the 2005 film version of the Heart of Gold.

Sadly the download for the pattern appears to be defunct now. Sorry about that.

-Confusion is a state of mind, or is it?