My pepper plant selection this year is doing rather well. All told, I planted 26 pepper plants, only 5 of which did not germinate. Of those five, I rather expected 2 of them to not germinate anyway because the seed had done so poorly the previous year.

Further, my four onion sets are also up and growing, these will be headed into the garden in 2-3 weeks. This weekend I’ll be starting my tomato seeds. I’ve got three primary varieties that I’ve been growing for the past three years, one that I got from my father in law last year that I’ll be growing again, and a new one. These are all fairly good:

Black Krim: A dark purple tomato that’s very sweet but with a robust smokey flavor. Makes awesome sauce and salsa. Pretty prolific production too. I’ll be keeping this particular species around for the foreseeable future as it’s my all-time favorite tomato (thus far).

Gold Medal:: A large, sweet yellow tomato. This may be my last year growing this tomato as I’m not terribly happy with it. The plant produces few tomatoes (1-5 very large) and has a huge problem with shoulder splitting. Likely I’ll replace this with another variety of yellow.

Federle: A long, pepper-type pasting tomato. Very good for sauces, but has a problem with blossom end rot early in the year. I’m going to try supplementing with calcium earlier this year to see if I can get past that issue. Pretty good producer.

Amish Pasting Tomato: A tomato given to me by my father-in-law. Prolific production of clusters of small tomatoes that are great for pasting/saucing. I was pretty happy with this tomato last year, so I’m going to keep it on the roster a while.

Austin’s Red Pear: New this year. It’s a red pear shaped tomato that is supposedly very tasty and prolific. We’ll see how much I like the plant.

Also going into the seed planters this weekend is my new collection of herbs: Purple Basil, Black Cumin, Lemon Balm, Mint, and some Cat Mint. Hopefully those will turn out as I’ve always wanted to have a small herb garden.

-Confusion is a state of mine, or is it?