Likely you’ve heard of today’s game. In fact, few people manage to grow up these days without playing Dodgeball.


Dodgeball is the quintessential school gym game, and one that I loved as a kid. The rules are simple, the game requires very little in the way of equipment, can be played by just about any number of people, and is a good way to get one’s aggression out. I always enjoyed the odd game of dodgeball as a kid/young adult. I always felt it rather a shame that we played the game so infrequently.

The rules that I played as a kid were pretty simple, and seem to reflect pretty closely the more official rules of the game as it’s played today.

The game is played by dividing your pool of players into two equal teams (in gym, it was just a “everyone number off!”, but recent years have seen the emergence of Dodgeball teams… owing to the movie for their invent). Playground balls (often of various sizes in the gym setting, but of uniform size in the Dodgeball circuit) are lined up in the middle of whatever is passing as the field, be it the gym, a line drawn in the grass, etc. Teams line up at the edge of their side of the field and, upon the “go” signal, each team sprints for the center in order to attempt to claim a ball. Once these weaponized balls are in play things get pretty chaotic. The goal is to peg people of the opposing team with one of these balls. If you hit somebody, they are “out” and go into the player queue for that team. If you catch a live ball, one of the out players for your team is allowed to rejoin play and the thrower of the ball is out. If you have a ball, you can also safely deflect other incoming balls with it, though if you get hit on the hand it still counts. Play continues until one side runs out of players.

I’m not sure what I found so fun about that game as a kid, but even now I find myself wishing for the odd game of dodgeball to spontaneously break out at work. So far, that hasn’t happened yet.

-Confusion is a state of mind, or is it?