As mentioned yesterday, this week I attempted the ancient and secret art of Kool-Aid yarn dying. The results turned out pretty well, if a tad more pink than I’d anticipated.

A tad more "Randbow Bright" than intended, but not bad for a first try.

The process was pretty easy, and only took about an hour and a half (I used the microwave method). I think that next time I’m going to attempt the stove-top method for doing the dying so I can compare the results and the amount of time it takes.

I’ll be using this skein for an upcoming crochet project that will show up on the blog here when I finish.

I’ve got one more ball of the white wool yarn. I wonder what colors I should use on it.

-Confusion is a state of mind, or is it?

P.S. Now if only I had some kind of yarn ball winding device that could be used to turn this skein into a center pull yarn cake.