This week’s geek craft is another crochet project of mine, a Triforce dice bag using a very basic Tapestry Crochet. Since the motif wasn’t very complicated, I didn’t bother making a pattern, I just put three stacked triangles together, Triforce Style. I put the motif on both sides of the bag:


This was one heck of a learning experience. You can tell that I finally started to figure out what I was doing about 1/3 of the way up since the yellow shows less after a while. Crocheting with two colors was indeed a new experience for me, as previously I did yarn swaps if I ever needed to change color. In this case, the entire piece was crochet using gold and black. For everything that wasn’t the triangles, the gold was held behind the work while the black was used.

I learned a lot from this piece. First, it would have turned out better if I’d used two similar sized yarns. I actually used size 4 (medium) worsted black and a size 3 (light) worsted gold. I think this made it harder to hide the black behind the gold when I color swapped because the gold was thinner. The other thing I ran into was that since I crochet so tightly, the resulting bag was extremely stiff. So stiff, in fact, that you’ll notice I used a paracord tie for the bag. The bag is so stiff that a braided yarn tie wasn’t strong enough to actually hold the bag closed without breaking the yarn when pulling it tight. In fact, before cinching it close the bag pretty well held it’s shape. Had I made the piece wider at the base, it would have made a nice bowl. This is probably partly due to the acryllic yarn I used. I’m thinking that a natural fiber yarn might remain more pliant when crocheted tightly. Alternately, I’ll have to attempt to use a larger hook when making my next piece; however, this is a double edged sword because the looser you crochet (or the bigger the hook you use) the more the other colors show through the piece.

My next attempt will be this:

The full crest of Hyrule.

Now that’s going to be a difficult project, and will certainly require I make a pattern first. In order to get the fine detail of the pattern, I’ll likely have to use a thin natural fiber yarn such as wool or silk sock yarn.

-Confusion is a state of mind, or is it?

(And yes, I’ll likely be giving away this dice bag when I eventually complete my next one. I see a pattern developing.)