This week’s game is more for the one or two adults who read the blog.  The ever popular “Take a Shot” also known as the Movie Drinking Game.

All my favorite shots contain at least 1 part Glo-Stick.

The premise is pretty simple. You select an action or line of dialogue (or set of such) in a movie that happens fairly often. You set out beverages (shots, beers, beer shots, jello shots, Kool-Aid, dry lemonade shots, ect) and you watch the movie. Every time that event or line comes up, you all drink. First to die of alcohol poisoning wins!

Often this game is actually played theoretically. When watching a movie somebody in your audience of friends will notice a recurring theme and make a comment to the tune of “Ok guys, whenever they show a closeup of Frodo holding the ring we all have to take a shot.”

A recent example of one of these was provided by my wife while we were watching Endless Summer II. Her drinking game for the movie was as follows: “Every time the narrator says “stoked” we need to take a shot.” You would die of alcohol poisoning about halfway through the movie.

-Confusion is a state of mind, or is it?
(Take a shot)