This week’s game takes us away from my long string of Video Game related posts with Mystery Express.

I had the opportunity to play Mystery Express last month when I visited my sister, Lyle. As she explained it, “Mystery Express is like Clue for Adults.” She was very right. At the core, the two games are the same: there has been a murder and it’s up to the players to competetively collect clues and solve the case. Beyond that, they diverge significantly. Whereas clue has you running around a game board looking for clues, Mystery Express is more akin to a card game where the board merely serves as an organizer for the game rather than being the feature.

The basic premise of the game is that everyone is on a train where a murder has been committed. You have 5 rounds of play to gather as many clues as you can. Clues are gathered both through a hand of cards that is dealt to you, several cards that are on the board, and by expending your action points to do card interactions with other players. Things get a little trickier in Mystery Express because, unlike clue, there are 2 of each card and there are 5 criteria that you have to discover: Who did it, the murder weapon, the location, the motive, and the time.

After only having played it once, I’ve become quite enamored of the game. As a person who liked clue as a kid (and indeed who still likes it), Mystery Express was right up my alley. I enjoy the gameplay more than that of clue because, as my sister put it, it’s more difficult and grown up. The only real drawback for the game is the hefty price-tag. Those who are familiar with the smaller game publishers are probably already used to forking over more money for these lesser known games.

-Confusion is a state of mind, or is it?