I received something for Holiday that has become an almost daily tool in my life. I received a Back to Basics Egg and Muffin Toaster.


I was somewhat dubious of this invention, but I put it on my wish list anyway because I liked the idea. However, these two-trick gadgets usually aren’t that good at either. In this case, however, the gadget does its job admirably. It toasts just fine, though like any toaster the darkness slider isn’t really all that useful. It can also prepare eggs in a small number of ways: poaching, scrambling, and boiling. There’s also a tray for reheating a pre-cooked breakfast meat. When you combine all those functions, it’s breakfast sandwich time!

As a big fan of breakfast sandwiches, I have to say that this little machine is a great little addition to my kitchen, and happily replaces the already-present toaster, so it’s not in addition to any tools I already own, rather it’s just a bit larger of a toaster.

One of the things it doesn’t mention in the instrucitons, but works really well with the Muffin and Egg Toaster, is that you can put a scrambled egg mix into the poaching tray and it will cook. The poaching settings* work remarkably well for cooking the scrambled egg disk to your desired doneness. Tron has really enjoyed this function because, while he likes scrambled eggs, his parents hate cleaning a whole egg-covered pan every time he gets them. In the case of this little gadget, making a scrambled egg cake for Tron is a snap and there’s very little clean up. I would imagine that since it works so well making scrambled eggs that the system would handle healthy egg substitute reasonably well too. As it’s pretty expensive these days (roughly 6x the cost of regular eggs in Milwaukee), I haven’t tried it yet.

This thing is also great for making hard or soft boiled eggs, something that we didn’t often make because, once again, the Tacos are kinda lazy in the kitchen these days (mostly due to a small person who likes to “help”). Now hard boiled eggs are becoming a daily feature in our salad (for good or ill).

If you like eggs and/or breakfast sandwiches, I highly recommend this gadget. If you’re not such a fan of either eggs or breakfast sandwiches, you’re probably better off with a regular toaster.

-Confusion is a state of mind, or is it?

*Kind of a misnomer. You decide how done your eggs will be by how much water you put in the steaming basin.