Since I was asked to show some pictures of some crochet worked with that paracord I bought, I thought I’d oblige and toss up a few pics:

Crocheted paracord water bottle holder. It's got a pull fob to stabilize the holder when pulling out the bottle, and a swiveling hook to attach the holder to a belt or carabiner.

The holder was made with a single crochet base and double crochet walls. The rim of the holder is reverse single crochet with a strand of paracord held on the back as a cinch.

The pull fob is a monkey fist with a loop pulled out to the second set of turns.

Here it is in action, hanging from my belt. You can also see my crochet bag in the background there.

I was pretty happy with how this turned out, though I think in my next attempt I may try a more decorative stitch. I also made the loop on the monkey fist a little too big, so next time I’ll aim for a much smaller loop. I also think the reverse crochet rim is a little too stiff, so a simple single crochet or slip stitch rim would likely be a better choice.


EDIT: Sorry, this was supposed to go up sooner but I miss-typed the date.