When I said I was gonna take the week off, I wasn’t just… well, you see the title.

It’s been nice stepping away from a blog that I’ve updated 6 days a week without “fail” for nearly 8 months (cop-out posts notwithstanding).  That said, it’s also given me time to fill in some blanks.  Specifically, I’d nearly ran out of webcomics to spotlight.  This was not for lack of webcomics on the net, nor even for webcomics that I’ve heard of and read a few times, but rather I’d run out of webcomics that I’d read sufficiently enough to come up with a solid oppinion of.  That was why you were seeing a lot of comics popping up that were from authors I’d already spotlighted for their other projects.

That’s not to say that these other webcomics aren’t deserving, indeed I hold works separately from their authors when determining their merits, allowing for a single author to produce a wide array of different projects which can exist on their own and be included on my blog as such.  Even so, constantly dipping into the same pool of authors for additional material begins to feel like cheating.

Luckily I’ve had two very good webcomics fall into my lap this past week, and I’ve begun to explore for more in the time I’d normally be spending writing on the blog here.

In other news, the other blog to which I contribute, Library of the Damned, soldiers on towards its next milestone. Last month we hit our 100th riff post as our first milestone, and it’s looking like we’ll be hitting 10,000 page-views sometime in late January or early February as our next significant milestone. Similarly, my little corner of insanity here is only a few steps behind the Library, and will likely see 10,000 hits shortly after. I’ll probably storm up past the library if I ever get those winder plans finished. Roughly 35% of my current traffic is people searching for winder plans. Once I get mine complete, I’ll probably go viral in the yarn crafts circles almost over night.

As a small update there, I did manage to find some time to work on my plans over the past week. I’ve got everything written up through section three, and have all the figures sorted up through section four. Once I get the figures renumbered (due to a change in how I structured my chapters) and add some in-line figures to section three I should be ready to post an updated set of plans that contain everything up through the construction of the crank barrel. I’m hoping that January will see me with free time to get this completed now that the holidays are past, and indeed I’m planning on working on the project during the long road trip I’ll be going on. I’ve got two more crochet projects on my list to complete before the end of January, but should I get those finished on time (which is likely) I may see about bringing the winder into my basement craft room and get some more work done on section 4 (primary rotational axis), which is nearly completed already.

From there all that’s left to do on the winder is cut and assemble the offset rotational spool, rig up the drive belt, and put on a tensioning arm for the yarn. From there I’ll have to throw together a quick yarn swift which should be an easy weekend project.

-Confusion is a state of mind, or is it?