This week’s comic is Invisible Bread by Justin Boyd, co-creator of Left Handed Toons, which was WW#13.

[Insert some kind of representative picture here]

Invisible bread is the follow up to Justin’s earlier project Draw Until It’s Funny. He brings the same slanted, ironic humor that makes Justin’s other projects so enjoyable to read. He uses the same style of extruded stick figures as he’s previously, so not a lot new there. In this case, however, not having anything really new is not a drawback as the humor is solid and the art is merely there as the medium for that humor.

I am never, ever again letting a dog give me kisses.

If you’ve read and enjoyed Left Handed Toons you will certainly enjoy Invisible Bread as it’s really just more of the same humor that you’ll find over there. If you’ve never heard of either, go check them out. Now.

-Confusion is a state of mind, or is it?