I got a lot of work done on the yarn ball winder project in November, which is good because I’d been neglecting the project for too long. I finished up most of the CAD drawings of the wooden pieces, re-did the first part of the of the instructions and added images within them, I worked through my huge folder of images and got them sorted, and I wrote up the directions for the second part of the winder and started writing up the third part.

Yet, there is still so much more to do before I can get the next revision posted up on the blog here, and worse yet, I can’t seem to be able to drag my carcass to the computer to do it. Part of that I legitimately can blame on Tron. He’s a very needy child and does not countenance his parents to have free time while he’s awake (I may have mentioned once or twice what a handful he is). Even his grandparents, who had a house with 3 children in it, are continually surprised that he does not play with toys much, but would rather lead a person around the house for hours and point at things he’s not allowed to have (DVD cases, glass jars, candy, the calendar, etc). Apparently Tron is more work than all three of their kids were combined and is the highest maintenance child they have ever encountered. If he does play with toys, he needs an audience. Not a playmate, mind you, but an audience. If he doesn’t have an audience he goes and gets one. Thus I rarely get more than 5-10 minutes at a time at my desk while he’s awake. I’ll sit down, be there for a few minutes of tinkering before he comes over, spins my chair around, and pulls me up out of it so that I can watch him play, give him milk, demand candy and scream when I don’t give it to him, demand to go upstairs/into the basement, or tackle me on the floor. That’s fine, but such an environment doesn’t lend well to writing up a woodworking tutorial.

Not to mention the winder isn’t even fully built yet. It’s about 65-75% of the way there, but I haven’t really touched it since June. Likely I could finish it on a long weekend completely dedicated to the task, but I don’t see one of those coming along anytime in the next few years. More likely is that I may get some time here and there in the spring where I can escape to the garage and spend an hour or two trying to get it done in little jumps.

Eventually Tron does go to bed every night and I’ll have about 3 hours to myself. An hour of that is usually catching up on all my daily stuff: Facebook, blogs, my Aardwolf daily blessing, etc. After all that is done, I have two hours which I can use. Now, to be fair to myself, over the past two weeks I’ve been mostly using that time to crochet my [redacted] Santa project which had a deadline that needed to be met (which I did meet). That project turned out to be more involved and difficult than I’d planned, so I ended up spending about 20-25 hours of productive time on it rather than on the winder write-up. But at least I also have a crochet pattern to show for it, so you’ll all get some fruits of that labor when I post the pattern here in a week or two.

But that project is done and shipped out. So what have I done the past few nights with those two hours? I’ve certainly not been productive. Nope. I’ve been playing The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. It’s a great game despite a few flaws and some bad press, but it is cutting into any time where I might be useful to all the nice people I promised these plans to (the people at Crochetville, those who read my blog, and the several dozen hits I get every week from people searching for a free yarn ball winder pattern).

I really want to get this project done, but once 9pm rolls around I have little interest in doing anything other than relax for the rest of the night. Heck, it’s been hard enough writing blog posts and keeping up with my contributions to Library of the Damned these past two weeks.

And it’s not going to get much better, I think. There are a lot of busy weekends coming up for me, and beyond that a vacation to see my parents and Lyle. The yarn ball winder project being caught up before March is looking kinda doubtful; though I might try bringing it with me on vacation. We’re going to have a long drive that won’t have me in the driver’s seat, so getting some time to work is possible. And since Tron really likes hanging with his grandmother (and vice versa), I might have enough time to get something done while they watch Sesame Street and read books.

Unless I waste all my time reading novels and playing on my DS; which is all too likely.

-Confusion is a state of mind, or is it?