I’m going to do a few Holiday themed crafts over the next two weeks. This week’s geek craft was brought to my attention by the illustrious Llamanun from YSaC and is a Cthulhu Tree-Topper by Nifer Fahrion.

This angers up the room. It wants the room to die.

This thing is just made of awesome. Unfortunately it comes at a hefty price tag of $120. Since it’s a hand-felted piece, I can understand the price tag. Even so, I’m not enough of a Cthulhu enthusiast to justify that kind of money. However, I AM enough of an enthusiast to consider a crocheted version.

Actually, in truth my plans are to crochet myself a Flying Spaghetti Monster tree topper for next year (or indeed whatever year we deem it safe to put up a tree where Tron can get to it).

-Confusion is a state of mind, or is it?