Once again I’m going to have to shove Monday’s Game over to Tuesday. I spent my weekend wallowing in unbridled hedonism* and, as such, have no post to show for it. And since this week’s game is Dragon Warrior 3, it deserves better than that I should toss it together quickly and hope nobody notices it’s late.

Instead I provide my apologies and promise that it won’t happen again! Well, at least until it happens again, of course.

As a way to provide some useful filler, I’ll briefly hit on the neat little project I’m making for a gift exchange this year. YSaC has grown a rather close-knit community surrounding the commenting on the daily posts, most of us gab all the time over on Facebook, and most of my readership probably heralds from there as well (so this will likely be old-news to many of you). A recurring joke for the site is “Nerky Beesmas” the official YSaC version of Christmas where you give your friends useful things like trucks filled to the brim with angry bees or a nice coat rack made of bedazzled deer hooves.

This year one of the members of the YSaC group suggested we do a gift exchange. This was met with resounding approval, and nearly 30 people decided to participate. The exchange is pretty simple: it’s a secret Santa style gift exchange; for $10 a participant either buys or makes something related to one of the many YSaC memes and sends it off to their giftee. My project for the exchange is [redacted], which I think will be hugely appreciated by the person I’m making it for, [Also redacted, HA].

It’s a crochet project, which will surprise no-one, but it’s something special for me. This is the very first project that I’m undertaking without a pattern. That strikes me as both really awesome and a really bad idea. The receiver will get an item that has never existed before, and is thus one of a kind and first of a kind! But, it’s also a huge risk because I don’t really know what I’m doing, so the end result will probably be a little wonky. I AM keeping track of what the pattern is as I’m putting it together, so hopefully once the gift is out of the bag I’ll be able to post a pattern here, provided it doesn’t look horrible. Maybe even if it DOES look horrible.

-Confusion is a state of mind, or is it?

*In lay terms, I played The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword instead of writing my post. I have shame.