The weekend’s webcomic is Fanboys by Scott Dewitt.

This is a sad one today people. Today I dig up the corpse of Fanboys.

Fanboys was started in 2006 and was another in a long history of gamer comics. It didn’t offer much that was unique to the genre, but it was pretty funny and by that merit alone did I read it.

Unfortunately, in 2010 Scott stopped updating the comic regularly and it seemed all but abandoned. Even so, the archive and website was still there to peruse for the newbies. Sometime since I last checked it (probably early 2011), the site was updated and the archive stripped out. What used to be around 300 strips is now about 35. I feel entirely depressed about that since it was such a good comic. I can hope that maybe Scott is slowly uploading all his old stuff, but I have a feeling Fanboys may be in the death throes of full abandonment.

There is still some good stuff over in the archive, but to go through it feels very much like picking the last bits of meat off a carcass. So today, I mourn a decent comic soon destined to the oblivion of legend.

-Confusion is a state of mind, or is it?