This week’s webcomic is Flipside by Brion Foulke.

Flipside is quite a different comic than most of those that I’ve put up thus far. The majority of the comics I’ve done have been humorous comics at some level or another. Flipside, on the other hand, isn’t really aimed at being funny. Rather, Flipside is an action manga; that is it focuses on action, story telling, and drama. It has a few one-liners, but for the most part the comic is true to its genre.

Amusing, but not really funny.

Flipside is a serial comic made as an action manga, though one could argue that it’s not a true action manga since it is not made in Japan and is produced in English. It’s a pretty pedantic argument, though, so I’ll leave that discussion for manga purists. The comic predominantly follows the adventures of two women: Maytag, a jester with two personalities (one a fun-loving over-the-top jester, the other a shy, soft-spoken woman), and Bernadette, a quiet and compassionate sword master who refuses to kill.

This comic is a relatively recent addition to my reading, and I’m actually still getting caught up on the archive. The comic has been running three full page updates a week for seven years, so there is a LOT of comic to read. Like most action/drama comics (such as Marvel or DC comics), it’s fairly heavy on dialogue, so expect quite a bit of reading on any given page. As a fan of Manga, and comics in general, I’ve enjoyed reading Flipside immensely. The action scenes are well done, the dialogue is natural (for the most part), and the plot is rather gripping. Even so, I realize that this comic is definitely not for everyone. There are lots of mature themes, violence, and occasional nudity. So, not something I’d let a young person read.

If you’re a fan of manga, or action comics in general, you may want to give Flipside a try. I would recommend completing the first story arc, “Two Women,” in chapters 1 and 2 before reading Book 0. Book 0 is an introduction to the comic of sorts, but is more of a “pilot” for the series. The art, writing, character development, and dialogue in Book 0 can be rather hit or miss as the ideas and methods for producing the comic were in their infancy at the time. Book 0 is certainly worth a read, as there are canon plot points and character development there that helps better understand the comic as a whole, but it shouldn’t be read until one has a better familiarity with where the comic ended up after Book 0.

As always, I let the work stand on its own merits, so if action comics are your cup of tea, go give Flipside a read and see if it’s for you.

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