Over a 4-day weekend from November 11th to the 14th the TacoParents came to visit me and my family. It’s always a great time when they’re over because TacoMom likes to play with her grandson, Tron, while she’s here, which frees me up for accomplishing many of those little projects around the house and yard that don’t get done on account of the neediness of said toddler. Plus, I have the assistance of TacoFather, a DIY Mr. Fix-it of epic proportions.

The issue with that, however, is that while I got lots of my around-the-house project list taken care of this weekend, I got nothing done on my writing project list. I’m now extremely far behind, probably impossibly far behind at this point since hunting weekend is this weekend, and I have doubts that I’ll be able to get anything of use done while at hunting camp.

So it goes. The 1800 minute goal might still happen, but it’s starting to look like the 2700 minute goal is out of reach. If only NaNo would have picked a less busy month, like December. Seriously, between my parents’ visit, Thanksgiving, and hunting season, I’m left with nearly half the month being entirely useless for writing this year (13 days being worthless for writing).

On the plus side, this past weekend I got a new door hung, a project table for our craft room installed and leveled, 25 board feet worth of cherry wood purchased for my wife’s laptop table, storm doors put in, a leaky shower faucet repaired, garage re-organized, and some ideas for the yarn ball winder solidified. Unfortunately, by the time we were done each day, I had little energy left to do anything other than watch a movie and drink with my parents.

Confusion is a state of mind, or is it?