This week’s webcomic is Super Effective by Scott Ramsoomair.

Supper Effective is a side project by Scott, the writer of VG Cats which I featured here a number of weeks ago. Super Effective is based on the Pokémon video game series and takes a skewed look at the game’s universe and gameplay. Similar to VG Cats, the humor can be vulgar or graphically violent; however, the strip tends to focus on irony and visual gags more than shock humor. As a big fan of the game series, I find there is a lot to relate to in the comic. However, given the limited audience, if you haven’t played the games the humor may not be accessible to you.

I made that face when I found my first wild shiny Pokémon, and it was a Garbodor.

I think the thing I enjoy most about the comic is the spin on the Silent Protagonist. Lots of RPG video games utilize what is called a “Silent Protagonist” in order to give players more of a feel that they are more directly related to their character. I’ve never really liked the silent protagonist in games that are scripted because the limit of choice really destroys the point of the mechanic. In more open-ended games and MMOs the silent protagonist makes sense (such as in the Fallout games where there is a greater degree of choice). However, in Super Effective the Silent Protagonist acts as it’s own style of writing which constrains the story telling to more visual in nature. For me, I find this interesting because a lot of comics require that dialogue and visuals be married in the story telling in order to form a narrative. In Super Effective, often the narrative is entirely visual, which is an appealing change of pace.

-Confusion is a state of mind, or is it?