Vir took about 8 weeks to settle in and get comfortable in his new home. Once he did, we noticed a few things about him:

  • He’s really laid back… most of the time. On his vet visit the doctor was really impressed by how tolerant Vir was of all the poking and prodding. And, Tron can manhandle him a bit and Vir doesn’t attack back. Occasionally he runs and hides, which I can’t blame him for, I’d run too. Vir even tolerates having his claws trimmed with a fair amount of graciousness. Granted I can’t do more than 1 foot at a time before he starts getting irritated with me and trying to hide his feet. The only time Vir gets in trouble with the toddler is when the toddler activates Vir’s Playful-Mode. Generally that ends with Tron getting nipped and freaking out. I’ve only seen Vir hiss once when he got a little too excited while playing, and hissing totally freaked him out. I don’t think he’s ever growled.
  • He’s very not good at jumping over obstacles. Every night, before TacoMa’am and I head for bed, it’s my job to put Vir in the basement so he doesn’t get up to mischief on the main floor while we sleep. This involves me taking him downstairs, giving him a little food and maybe a cat treat, and then putting a 3′ tall baby gate at the bottom of the stairs. Now, our stairs are completely open top and bottom, aside from a door-style 3′ tall baby gate at the top to keep the toddler from venturing down the stairs, and the wooden one at the bottom that only goes up at night. There is nothing to keep Vir in the basement other than a 3′ jump over the gate onto the stairs, a jump that any number of cats would make without even thinking about it. However, that 3′ jump totally foils Vir’s attempts at getting upstairs. The only time he’s managed to get past the gate was when I didn’t secure it well enough and he was able to pull the bottom away from the step and crawl under it. The baby gate really shouldn’t work at keeping him down there, but as yet he hasn’t figured out that he can go over it. Every night he bats at it for a while, meows pitifully for even longer, and then gives up.
  • Like most Siamese cats, he’s VERY vocal. Almost too vocal, but I knew what we were getting into when we adopted him. If he’s “trapped” down in the basement and hears movement or sounds upstairs, he launches into a near constant barrage of pitiful sounding, yet amazingly loud mews. Even when he’s upstairs, he spends a lot of his time wandering around meowing for no apparent reason. I know better than to hope for him growing out of that.
  • Vir really likes people. In fact, he loves following them around. If somebody gets up and walks around while he’s in the room, he stops whatever he’s doing to follow them. He follows me and TacoMa’am around on a regular basis, but he’ll even follow people he doesn’t know too well. In-laws, house assessors, a guy doing a window-replacement quote, anybody. The only person he doesn’t follow is Tron, probably because he’s learned to give the toddler a bit of space lest the kitty be viewed as a toy. The cat, without variation, will always follow me down the stairs at the end of the night. By now he has to know that he’ll get locked down there as the daily schedule is always the same. He follows me down anyway and then stares at my plaintively as I put up the baby gate.
  • He’s only a lap cat when it’s entirely inconvenient. You can’t get him to stay on the lap for more than 5 seconds when you want him there, but if you need to get up and do something he glues himself to your lap like it’s the most wonderful place in the world for him. That’s pretty typical of a lot of cats though.
  • He’s much, much younger than advertised. Young enough that he still acts like a kitten when you get him going. Seriously, Vir is one of the most playful cats I’ve ever owned. After about 5 minutes of petting, he’s had enough of the boring stuff and is ready to play. This is a tad irritating as it makes doing certain things very hard to accomplish around him. Specifically things that involve dangling pieces (or “danglies”). Crochet is one of those, as is playing any Wii game that requires the nunchuk. Vir is absolutely obsessed with that little wire that connects the nunchuk to the wiimote. We’ve had to invest in some leather so that we can cut strips of it off for the cat to attack. Even so, he still likes the nunchuk cord way more than the leather pieces.

All-in-all, he’s turned into a fairly good cat. He’s far more disciplined about using the litter box than some cats are; to the point where he’ll actually go back downstairs to use it if he needs to, which is a behavior that I find surprising given that cats are typically creatures of convenience.

And luckily for everyone, after settling in for a few months TacoMa’am’s cat allergy seems to have adapted to him. Rarely does she need to take her allergy medication around the cat, even when rubbing her face on him. She never had super-strong reactions to him in the first place so I’m thinking that having him neutered got his hormone levels down low enough that it’s not triggering her allergies too often.

-Confusion is a state of kitty- OH DANGLIES!