I’ll be keeping the breakdown of my score in November right here, in hopes the shame of failure will keep me on target.

DAY: 30
Current Status: Way, Way Behind schedule.

LoD Work: 480 minutes (0 buffer posts)
Blog Work: 554 minutes (0 buffer posts)
YBWW Work: 314 minutes

Total: 1348 minutes
Today’s Target: 2700 minutes
TaProProMo Target: 2700 minutes (Minor goal: 1800 Minutes)

It’s the 28th of November and I’m more than 1000 minutes behind schedule. I’m calling this year a failure and letting it go. Between only having 16 usable days in November for writing and Tron deciding to transform into super hell child, the odds were stacked pretty heavily against me. Even so, I got quite a bit done on my yarn ball winder write-up, enough that I’m hopeful of getting the updated plans posted sometime in December.