For those who are doing nano this year, in some shape or another, good luck to you!

Around these parts, my wife and a few of our friends are giving it a go this year, and as previously stated, I’m going to be with them in spirit. First up on my plate is the Yarn Ball Winder project. I’ve got, roughly, 200 pictures to sort through. This includes putting some in with the primary write up and then putting them ALL in a supplementary figures and diagrams section. It wasn’t until three days ago that I realized that I could put a picture into a text box, so that will speed things up significantly. Once I get that all done, I’ll be adding it to the project page for the Yarn Ball Winder. As it stands, the winder is maybe 75% complete. I’ve got just about everything made aside from the offset spindle, I may pull the project inside this winter and get it finished up, but I’ll have to see how things are going. There is one part that I may need to redo because I really don’t like how it turned out; however, given that it is a kludgy project, if it works I’ll probably keep it.

I recently found a site that may help me significantly when building my second, aesthetic winder: is a seriously neat site for those of the woodworking persuasion. Lots of projects and jigs to drool over, plus he has a free online wooden gear drafting app based on his pay-for program. That’s just the ticket for achieving the 90º angle I planned for the aesthetic winder.

-Confusion is a state of mind, or is it?