I work at a hospital, so one of the things that are plentiful are bathrooms.  However, most of these bathrooms are for patient use, and being a busy hospital these bathrooms tend to see a lot of traffic.  As such, whenever I have a chance to visit a part of the hospital I’ve never been to before (big hospital so there are many parts that I’ve never actually been in), I always assess the bathroom scene and catalogue it for future reference.

This has lead to the recent discovery of what I call the Bathroom Oasis.  On the fifth floor, across from our cardiology department, there is a section of the hospital set aside for doctor’s offices and conference rooms.  It’s very low traffic and has a few “employees only beyond this point” doors guarding it.  Being an employee who needed to use a conference room, I discovered a wonderland of bathrooms behind those doors of secrecy.  Looking back in the hospital’s history, the area in question used to be a gastro department so the bathroom density in the area is pretty high.  In the one wing of the hospital (probably 30 rooms, 3 of which are conference rooms the rest offices or storage) there are 6 single-occupancy bathrooms and 2 multiple-occupancy.  This is like the holy grail of bathroom availabilty, and as I do much of my work in the Cardiology department (across the hall) I have ready access to this oasis for a large portion of my day.

It’s wonderful, if one bathroom is full I simply have to walk 10 feet down the hall to the next one, and so forth.  It’s the best kept secret where I work, and finding it out has been like finding that one perfect parking spot on Black Friday.

-Confusion is a state of mind, or is it?