This week’s game is the unknown American favorite: Bowling Ball Tennis.

Don’t bother looking that one up, you won’t find it. When my sister and I were very young (8-10ish), we created a game that was never given an official name, but Bowling Ball Tennis is about as close and accurate a name as any.

But let’s back up. One year for Christmas (or some other gift holiday) we were given a plastic bowling set. One of these:

Oh blow-form plastic, how we love thee.

The problematic thing with this gift, is that our house was around 70% shag carpet, and of the other 30%, the only bits that weren’t carpeted were the bathroom, which was too narrow for bowling, and the cat’s room, which was full of cats. We could have used the garage, but that was covered in sawdust most of the time and we weren’t big on cleaning.

So what are two young-ens to do with a bowling set and nowhere to use it? Make a new game! Thus, bowling ball tennis was born.

The game is pretty simple, all you need is a plastic bowling set and a hallway. You put one child at the end of each hallway and give each one of them a bowling pin. Next you take one of the plastic balls and whack it at the other child with the bowling pin. That child whacks it back, and you repeat. There really isn’t any winning or loosing because the hallway is so narrow that the chance of the bowling ball actually passing one of you by is almost non-existent. The only real downside is that A) The parents don’t really approve of this loud game that has the potential to cause damage from a fast flying plastic bowling ball and B) Those plastic bowling pins aren’t very durable. On average you would only get 45 minutes to an hour of play out of the pin before the neck would snap open and you’d have two less useful pieces.

Luckily the set came with 10 of those pins.

-Confusion is a state of mind, or is it?