This week’s webcomic is Modest Medusa by Jake Richmond.

Modest Medusa is a newcomer to the comic world and is one of those comics that I like almost in-spite of myself. The art isn’t spectacular, the writing is above average, the humor ranges between crass and mildly amusing, a focus on hostess chocodiles that comes up enough to get old kinda fast, and there is a modest amount of graphic violence towards the end of chapter one. Yet, when you toss in a cute gorgon who lives in a toilet, somehow it all works. Halfway through the short archive of the comic, it had cemented itself as one of the additions to my MWF regimen (along with XKCD, The Whiteboard, and Eerie Cuties).

There’s not much else to say about the comic. It’s a pretty typical “frenimy” comic, where two opposing characters are forced to co-habitat (ala Garfield) and Hijinx insue. There are a smattering of gaming references, but for the most part the humor is fairly accessible, if not always classy.

-Confusion is a state of mind, or is it?

EDIT: Woops, had so much to do this past week and this weekend that I plum forgot to post this one.