This week’s geek craft is a Crocheted Bowser Pattern by the immensely talented Shelly Hedko of AH-Creations.

Holy monkey is that some detailed crochet!

This is certainly not a pattern for the faint of heart; an expert level pattern for those who really want to test themselves for sure. Lots of little pieces to sew together to get the finished product, but wholly worth it I think.

While you’re oggling this wonderful work of crochet art, you might as well go over to AH-Creations and take a look at all the other mind-bogglingly well done crochet projects that Shelly has not only taken the time to do, but taken the time to write patterns for and distribute freely.

I wonder if I could convince her to do a MegaMan pattern… I have yet to find a really great amigurumi pattern for the little Blue Bomber.

-Confusion is a state of mind, or is it?