Apparently I’m infamous enough to be recognized online. Not from my blog here, I’ve got but 6 or 7 fans, but from my daily snark over at YSaC.

One of the things I’ve established pretty well online is the handle “TacoMagic.” As I mentioned in my “about” section, I’ve had the handle for years now; 12 years in fact. I’m TacoMagic over at YSaC, I’m TacoMagic here, and I have TacoMagic as my nickname/handle on many a gaming site.

Yesterday I was over on one of my favorite free flash gaming sites Kongregate playing Swords and Potions, a shop simulator (I live the wild life, woo doggy). Anyway, I was stirring up trouble in the chat room, mostly looking for improvement trades, helping newbies, and being sarcastic, when I get a private message from another player:

“Are you the same TacoMagic that comments over on “You Suck at Craigslist?”

The odds that somebody would recognize me in a chat room for a shop simulator on a gaming website that has tens of thousands of games is… apparently pretty good. It’s a weird kind of pseudo-fame where I can be playing random flash games and be recognized as “Hey, you’re that guy over at YSaC, aren’t you?”

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