My computer has been slowly having more and more issues over the past year, mostly to do with the OS getting old and grumpy. This is to be expected since I haven’t formatted and reinstalled the OS in about 4-5 years; it’s way overdue.

Well, last night the harddrive decided to get in on that action. I punched my computer on, waited for Grub to load up… and waited… and waited… error 25… WTF?! I tried a few more times before figuring that maybe I was having trouble with the master boot record. I reloaded Grub, fixed a corrupted boot file, and started it up again. And waited… and waaaaaaaiiiited… READ ERROR?!

So, I decided to try a different boot loader. That failed. So, getting nervous about all the data that I kept meaning to back up but hadn’t, I pulled the drive and walked it over to the media pc and hooked it up with my USB converter. Luckily I was able to pull almost all of my data off the drive, so I felt better.

Back to the drawing board I decided to try another master boot loader. This time boot up got a little further before crapping out; at least the boot loader came up. A few more tries and I actually got the OS to load… but it was corrupted and I had to refresh the base files back to install in order to get it working.

A quick check of the harddrive with some diagnostic software shows that there is a flakey cluster dead centered in the boot sector; the hard drive will never be a reliable system boot again. So today I get to go shopping for a new hard-drive, and this weekend I get to rebuild my OS. Wonderful.

-Confustion is a state of mind, or is it?