This weeks game is the age old strategy game Chess.

Lego Chess. Why have I not made this yet?

If you don’t know what chess is, then you have bigger problems than reading my blog will solve. I’ll just assume that you know what chess is, and have probably played it a few times. Chess dates back to 1475, where changes to a much older game, caturaṅga (circa sometime in the 6th century), were finalized into the official rules that persist today. Since then Chess has gone on to become one of the most widely played and recognized games in the world. There are people who play chess for a living and have developed mind boggling strategies for the game. We’ve taught computers to play it and now you can hook up online and play chess there. Chess sets also see more variation than even monopoly games. For centuries people have been making decorative chess sets out of just about anything and covering just about any topic. A trade that continues today.

Handmade chess cookie cutters. Chess has never been so delicious.

Crafted chess sets have been one of those impulse purchases that I’ve barely been able to hold myself back from for many years. I love the artistry in many of these sets, but the problem is: I suck at at chess. I was part of the chess team in high school and was easily the worst player. I’ve played games against many a foe, and lost most of them. There are only a few people who are worse at chess than I am, and I’m related to most of them. My family just is genetically incapable of playing a good game of chess. That said, I still like to play and love decorative sets. I just don’t play enough chess to merit the purchase of such an extravagant set, no matter how cool.

Oh that I had $140 to spend on a chess set that would rarely get used.

-Confusion is a state of mind, or is it?