This week’s webcomic is VG Cats by Scott Ramsoomair.

VG cats is one of those Webcomics that I love to hate. I love the comic because it’s an unabashed video game comic, and I find it rather funny. I hate it because it’s updated infrequently. Generally you’ll see one update a month, often less.

At the core of the comic is a pair of anthropomorphic cat characters: Aeris and Leo. While there is rarely any kind of plot arcs (I think there was a Christmas one once… maybe), the two cats are in most of the comics and there is even a small cast of recurring supporting characters who show up less frequently. The humor itself is almost always about a specific game, poking fun at the quirks of the game. There are lots of references that will only be understood by somebody who plays a fair number of video games, so this comic is certainly not for everyone.

The humor can be crude and rather graphic at times, so if you’re more a fan of subtle humor or “Sunday Funnies” style humor, you may want to pass this one by. And if this kind of humor IS your cup of tea, odds are you already read VG Cats anyway.

-Confusion is a state of mind, or is it?