This week’s webcomic is Order of the Stick By Rich Burlew.

Order of the Stick (OOTS) is a long running D&D inspired webcomic in a similar vein as Looking for Group and Goblins. While those two started as gag-centric comics and evolved into more story-heavy action comics, OOTS has remained very much a gag comic. There is a distinct plot, certainly, but each comic is pretty well devoted to getting a gag/joke across.

The comic follows a core adventuring group through their misadventures as they face off against an evil Archlich bent on destroying the world. Sounds hilarious, I know. The comic is unabashedly based on gaming: many of the early jokes are based on the quirks of gaming, lots of the references are based on gaming, and somebody who games will probably understand where the comic is coming from where those who don’t may feel they are missing something.

Sadly, OOTS has a rocky history of updates due to the Author’s often poor health. Sometimes you’ll get two strips a week, sometimes you won’t see a strip for two months. The comic is well worth the read, but it’s one of those comics that you check back on every month or two and catch up… otherwise you’ll drive yourself crazy waiting for updates.

-Confusion is a state of mind, or is it?

UPDATE: Sorry this is late, I was feeling pretty awful last night and couldn’t bring myself to do it then.