Well, after a few days of hot weather, it finally looks like things may be cooling down in Wisconsin. About time too.

While my peppers and tomatoes have thoroughly enjoyed the hot weather, I’m pretty well done with it. A week or two of high 60s and mid to low 70s sounds like just the ticket. Especially since it’s been too hot to actually go out to my workshop and finish the large number of projects I have vying for my attention.

With Sunday and Monday looking to be in the low 70’s I’m hoping to finish up the second craft bench for our craft room in the basement (I’m sure Vir will be thrilled when I bring that down the stairs) and possibly get a few steps further on the yarn winder that’s been sitting out there all summer.

I’ve also got some shop cleaning and reorganizing that needs to happen before the fall, and a labor day sale to go to. Busy weekend for sure. I’ve also got to get my project list out and update it. I’ve got a number of projects that need to be finished before late fall, a number of projects that I need to get done before the end of the year, and some that I’d like to see done before next spring.

Of all my projects, those that I think are cool or worthwhile I’ll plop on here. Other projects I may just mention. For instance I’ll probably take a picture of our craft room from time to time to show everyone how it’s coming along. On the other hand, I’m sure nobody cares that one of our eaves needs repainting before the winter. And a step further, I’ve got 3 or 4 crochet projects that I’ve got scheduled, so those will probably make an appearance, though only one of them is actually geeky.

And during all that, I also have to beat 3 games before the New Year to uphold my resolution, that resolution being to cut my unbeaten video game list in half. I started the year with 18, and I’m now down to 10… but I’m eyeing up the new Disgaea game that’s coming out next month… so that’ll put me back another game – and Christmas usually adds one or two as well. My real goal is to be entirely caught up by the end of 2013. If I can manage it, that will be the first time I’ve been caught up on my game list since 2004. So, 3 games in 4 months. It’s gonna be close since most of the games left in my pile are the 80hours+ games that can take me 2 months to get through. Luckily, one is a fairly short and recent (free) acquisition of “Infamous” which looks to be about a 10 hour game (20 if I go for everything… which I’m not currently planning on). Easily knocked off the list in a week. After that… probably slow things down with Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of a New World… as it’s about the shortest of the games I have left, weighing in at a projected 50 hours. After that… probably either Fallout: New Vegas or Wild Arms 3 (that one’s been in my pile forever).

If I can get to my goal by the end of November, I’m rewarding myself with finally cracking open Disgaea 3, which I’ve had for almost 2 years now but have been twiddling my thumbs over due to the extreme play time I expect from it (Disgaea games have a disgusting amount of sidequest and post-game content… all of it very addictive). *Crosses Fingers*

-Confusion is a state of mind, or is it?