This week’s webcomic is 8-Bit Theater by Brian Clevenger.

8-Bit Theater has been around forever, and it’s likely you’ve heard of it. 8BT is one of those comics that you either love, or despise. In my book though, it’s one of the only sprite comics worth reading. I can be very, very wordy, so if you’re into comics for the quick joke, stay far, far away from this one. It’s a full format (think DC/Marvel) comic that ran for 1225 strips before finally ending in June of 2010. The comic is based on sprites taken from the first Final Fantasy game, and very, very loosely based on the plot of the game (very loosely).

The humor is very gaming-centric; largely focusing on references to Final Fantasy Games and Pen and Paper gaming. In that respect I hold it very close to other gaming-centric humor comics, such as Order of the Stick.

Brian has also joined with Scott Wegener, John Wood, Zach Finfrock, and Matt Spironi to work on a few other comics that are worth reading: How I killed Your Master and The Dreadful both being worth a read, one comic that is pretty meh: Warbot in Accounting, and even has one work that is published and distributed nationally: Atomic Robo (also worth reading).

8BT is certainly not for everyone. Over the years it has attracted as many fans as it has people who utterly loathe it. But, as always, I let it stand on its own merits. If you haven’t seen it before, give it a read and see if you like it. Those who like Order of the Stick will find much to like in 8BT.

-Confusion is a state of mind, or is it?