This week’s game is the age old Freeze Tag.

Freeze tag has been around forever, and expands on the basic premise of tag (chasing each other so you can tag another person “IT”). Freeze tag adds a depth of play (and additional running) to the game via freezing. Unlike in normal tag where a tagged person becomes “IT” and becomes the chaser, in Freeze tag you have to stop moving immediately. In most games I played as a kid, failure to freeze made you IT. Once frozen, you have to remain that way until either you move and become IT, or you meet the requirements of unfreezing. These can be varied (such as naming a TV show or singing a song) but generally involved being tagged by an un-it/unfrozen person. Such a tag thawed you, freeing you to run around like a crazy person some more. In the case that the “IT” person managed to get everyone frozen, (s)he wins the round and a new person is chosen IT by the winner. Or, sometimes the game ended and we all went in for pudding, whatever.

Come to think of it, the whole game of Tag was really just an excuse to run around crazy and get exercise. Sneaky of our parents not to prevent such a game.

-Confusion is a state of mind, or is it?