This week’s game is the simple “pine cone hat” game.

Pine Cone Hat was developed by my father as a simple camp game for when we were backpacking.  It consists of two basic tools: A hat and a pile of pine cones.  Once you’ve assembled the equipment, it’s time to get pine cone-ing.   You set the hat about 10 feet away from a comfortable log, and then have all the players take a seat on the log with their pile of pine cones in front of them.  Taking turns, you try to throw the pine cones into the hat.  If the cone goes in on the fly, it’s 3 points, and if it bounces in it’s one point.  Games are typically to 20 points, but use whatever you want as a point ceiling.

And that’s it.  I was reminded of Pine Cone Hat by my sister’s comment on the Trac Ball Box post.  I decided to share it with the world.  Enjoy.

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