This week’s webcomic is The Oatmeal by Matthew Inman.

The Oatmeal is not a typical webcomic by the ordinary standard as such, since the website is dedicated to many things aside from just the occasional comic. Neither does it adhere to any specific format for the comics. Sometimes there are character, but more often there are just portrayals fitting their topic of the day. There are very few recurring characters, and not really any general theme. From IT and Web development to Cracker Jack, nothing is really outside of the realm of what The Oatmeal is willing to take a jab at.

In this, it reads more like a comic-blog than a webcomic in its own right. However, given that the comics are very well delinated, and often hilarious, I think it certainly should be counted among the humor webcomics. Many of their comics deserve to be T-shirts and posters, which is handy because they have a very good shop with offerings along those lines.

The Oatmeal isn’t going to be for everyone. The comics are often crude and rather vulgar, so those put off by such things may want to look elsewhere for humor. Further, most of the comics are very long, and can have extensive flow-charting and diagrams. Those in the engineering and technical fields are probably more likely to have this humor apply to them as we have a predisposition to geekery and finding technically displayed humor more… uh… humorous.

As always, the comic should be allowed to stand on its own, so go read some. The worst that can happen is that you hate it and waste a few minutes reading them.

-Confusion is a state of mind, or is it?