I have a few updates today:

First is in reference to my post last Friday where I asked the Spambots of the world to “Bring It”. Sadly, they have failed to bring it. I’ve only recieved 3 pieces of spam since then, and all of them to other posts. So my attempts at baiting more spam have failed. I have shame.

Secondly, I’m happy to say that the side project that I’ve been working on, Library of the Damned seems to be doing well. We’re heading into our second month of activity with already near 1,400 hits under our belt (not much for the greater world of the internet, but good for a startup blog I think).

The project now has 5 “staff” authors working to bring you the worst FanFic on the net, gently cusioned behind a veil of snark. We’ve also attracted some guest talent handling some quicker and short term projects to help us fill in some of the off-days. In my corner of the LotD project, I’ve worked up a month buffer on my FF7 Fic Blood of Ancients and will be starting to look for my next disaster fic.

As always, we are looking for guest talent and writers who want to join the team; even if only for a one-shot post. We’re also always open to submissions for our snark treatment. It can take quite a bit of work to dig up something really awful, so if you’ve already found something it saves us (me) a lot of trouble hunting something down. Sometimes you hit a bad one on your first click, and sometimes you have to read through a pile of 30 mediocre fics to find one really bad.

Over here on my blog things have been going pretty steady. Not a lot of traffic, but enough to know I’ve got a few readers out there. I’ve held fairly well to my schedule of 6 posts a week, with only a smattering of cop-out posts to cover for some illness/lethargy/busy-ness on my part. I’ve still got a pretty decent sized list of games, comics, and craft projects to keep my spot-light days filled up for a while (though if any of my 4 readers want to send in any ideas for these categories, I’m always happy to do less personal effort on a post or add another webcomic to my heafty list). Actually, it’s been harder to come up with my off-day posts than it has been to find stuff to fill my spotlights.

So yeah, that’s pretty much it. Thanks for reading!

-Confusion is a state of mind, or is it?