This week’s webcomic is The Argyle Sweater by Scott Hilburn.

The Argyle Sweater is unabashedly inspired by Gary Larson’s The Far Side; the art is pretty much the same, the topics covered are much the same, and even a few pannels are extremely similar to some produced by Mr. Larson. But I find it’s less a rip-off of Larson and more of a homage to his work. The Argyle Sweater is basically just a continuation of that work; extremely similar in all respects; yet different in a few ways: Argyle is more topical to modern news and events, it’s a bit more edgy than The Far Side was (though Far Side was pretty racy in it’s day), and the humor can be a bit darker than Far Side ever was.

Scott Hilburn is the Gary Larson of the modern age.

Yet at the core, the humor is the same. Lots of play on words, references to literature, and just plain weird/zany situations. The Argyle Sweater may not be everything that The Far Side was, but it’s certainly the closest thing I’ve read in years. Certainly close enough that when reading the comic I sometimes forget that I’m not reading the works of Larson.

Like a few of the other comics I’ve done, Argyle is actually sindicated in several newspapers and only offers the last 30 days worth of comics. Even so, the online offering of the comic is enough that I do consider it a webcomic; though perhaps not as devoted to the web scene as many of the others that I have and will review.

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