Today I thought I’d rant on something that’s been slowly eating away at my soul.

One thing that’s always bugged me is perfectly healthy and relatively in-shape people that ride the elevator one or two floors.

For 3 or less floors, the elevator is generally slower. You have to wait for the elevator, you have to wait for people to get off, and for people to get back on. If you’re reasonably healthy and aren’t carrying a heap of stuff, the elevator isn’t really that much more efficient than stairs. If the door to the stairs is within view of the elevators, then said elevators are not more convenient than stairs.

But the elevator is certainly lazier than stairs. I mean who wants to climb up 10-20 tiny little cliffs when you can ride a moving room up 10 feet?!

The worst ever, was the one I heard yesterday when I was riding the elevator (I was pushing an equipment cart and taking the freight elevators). A chubby, yet not health-fragile woman and her co-worker get on the elevator at the first floor and hit “2”. This is pretty typical, so I don’t pay it much mind at first, until the woman commented to her friend, “Gosh that elevator took forever! Like 15 minutes!* They really need to do something to speed these elevators up, I’m going to be late for my meeting now.” *Not an uncommon amount of time to wait for the freight elevators, as we move a lot of freight at work.

Seriously, the elevators are 10 feet from the stairs and it’s 14 steps to go up a floor. If you’re running so short on time WALK UP THE FUCKING STAIRS! It takes 15 seconds to go up to the second floor from the first, so the only real reason for being that late to your meeting was your lack of common sense. The premise is thus: if you’re running late and an elevator isn’t open and waiting for you, run up the sitars.

In general, I’m perfectly fine with people using an elevator; especially those whose health situation prevents the use of stairs or those who have a load that needs moving. But if all you’ve got is yourself and a Starbucks, you’re healthy, and you’re only going up a few floors, work off one of those frozen pizzas and take the stairs.

-Confusion is a state of mind, or is it?