This week’s webcomic is Left-Handed Toons by Justin and Drew.

One of the more interesting ideas I’ve run into in the Webcomic world is that of writing comics drawn with the non-dominant hand. Left-Handed Toons is just that, a comic written by two native right-handed people and drawn with their left hands. Aside from the novelty of the idea, the two do tout some pretty good humor.

Their comic is in the style of a one-shot gag comic. In this case, there are reoccurring characters, but rarely any kind of multi-strip plots. Mostly, the reoccurring characters are just there out of popularity, or because a particular style of humor is easily categorized by giving it to a single character or set of characters. Of these, my favorite continues to be the “Irked Worms” series:

Wow, those are some really irked worms.

When reading from the beginning, this comic takes a while to warm up. It was fairly obvious at the start that some of the humor needed practice. Really, I had almost given up on the comic until I hit one (I can’t remember which) that I found hilarious. From there it got better. It’s still hit or miss, but the more recent works have been increasingly solid as the artists have found their voice and branched out into other projects as a means of practice. It’s worth giving a chance, but I recommend viewing 10 or 20 using the “Random” feature, or checking out their newest stuff starting out.

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