I’ve certainly got a mindset about where I think things are politically, so I think it’s time to share that view on an important issue:

LOLCat speak

OK, I understand where the whole thing came from.  You have pictures of cute cats, and with cats not being literate creatures it’s fun to portray them ironically using internet jargon speak instead of proper English.  I do get it.  The issue is, how far can you take a joke before you become the thing that you are mocking?  In the case of the LOLCat, this line has been crossed long ago:


One quickly learns to stay out of the comment section over at cheezeburger.


It was cute and mildly witty 5 years ago.  But now it’s out of control. You can check any of the few thousand LOLcat pictures and videos posted in the last few years; ALL of them are full of this tripe.

It’s not longer a joke, these people are no longer poking fun at net/texting shorthand. It’s become part of them, they enjoy typing this way and have created a subculture of it. The thing they mocked has absorbed them to a point where the texting/mxit speakers of the world would find them incomprehensible.

Just as Edmund Dantès becomes like those he swore revenge on in becoming the Count of Monte Cristo, the LOLCats community has driven themselves to a place more base and sordid than even that of those they set out to mock.

So now I ask the LOLCats community: Show some strength of personality and go against the meme that encompasses you; type so that we can understand what the hell you’re trying to say.

-Confusion is a state of mind, or is it?