This week’s webcomic is Sandra and Woo by Powree and Oliver Knörzer.

Sandra and Woo is another comic that doesn’t really fall into a category of webcomics I would normally spend time reading. The comic does have some humorous moments, but being funny really isn’t the main focus of the comic. It’s more plot based, with generally all the comics falling into various story arcs. The stories tend to be cuter, without much in the way of action or drama. There is some action and drama, but again, mostly it’s just cute little story arcs that focus on character interactions.

At the core of the comic is Sandra, a young middle school age girl, and Woo, her talking Raccoon. The comic builds itself as a comedy centric webcomic, but again, while amusing the comic is rarely outright funny. It’s more funny at the level of newspaper comics these days, you chuckle and get the humor, but it’s not really ground breaking or edgy.

Should have used a bandsaw.

But, where the comic shines is the character development and interactions I mentioned earlier. The interactions between Sandra and Woo echo very closely those of Calvin and Hobbes, one of my favorites (as I may have mentioned once or twice). There is some good exploration of the relationships between Sandra and her friend Larisa and her pseudo-boyfriend Cloud. And, there is a lot of commentary on the family interactions of the various characters as well. The comic does occasionally get preachy, but for the most part it keeps things entertaining.

There’s much to enjoy in Sandra and Woo, so I recommend giving it a read.

-Confusion is a state of mind, or is it?