Some of you may already know, but my Sister Lyle, Ghostcat, and I recently had a throw together on Ghosty’s blog and came up with the concept of a blog that Riffs on truly terrible fanfiction.  The lovechild of that discussions was Library of the damned.

Currently we’re in the recruitment and beta phase. Thus far we’ve got 4 writers which include GhostCat, SisterLyle, TacoMa’am (henceforth known as Indy on LotD), and myself. Our goal is 5 regular writers and then guest writers for features during the weekend. For the next week the writers will be collecting some bad fanfiction and ripping it apart to built a bit of a buffer. The tentative goal is to build up 2 weeks worth of updates before going live; which looks doable before the end of the week.

For my part I’ll be concentrating on the genres of Video Games, Sci-fi, and Fantasy for my riffing. I don’t yet know which day of the week will be mine for updates, but when I’m locked in I’ll probably kick up a reminder over here.

Just thought I’d put all that out there.

-Confusion is a state of mind, or is it?