This week’s webcomic is The Adventures of Dr. McNinja written and drawn by Christopher Hastings and colored by Anthony Clark.

The Adventures of Dr. McNinja is another action/comedy comic, in the same kind of family of comics as Looking for Group and Atomic Robo. However, Dr. McNinja is far zanier than most you’ll find in this category. It’s hard to fully capture just how wacky this comic can be without having read it, but I think I can sum it up pretty well with a picture:

Who DOESN'T want to do that?

The comic primarily follows the escapades of Dr. McNinja; which is handy since the comic is named for him. Dr. McNinja is a descendant from the mysterious McNinja clan who goes against the wishes of his parents and becomes a doctor rather than entirely focusing on his Ninja training. There is a pretty robust cast of supporting characters which include his young yet mustachioed partner Gordito, the gorilla secretary Judy, the McNinja family, arch nemesis King Radical, and a slew of others. The comic itself is full-format; much like a Marvel or DC comic, so expect some reading.

It’s one of the most fun webcomics I’ve found to date. Wacky characters and situations are balanced with a nice amount of action. The pacing is very good as well, plus every comic has an alt-text that can be amusing all on its own. A definite must-read comic.

-Confusion is a state of mind, or is it?