This weeks game is another oldie, this time from the pub: Darts!

For those who have never actually played any darts, you may or may not be surprised to learn that there are actually many, many different variations of darts. Even more surprising is that the modern dart board is only about 120 years old, as it was standardized in 1896. However, darts as a game have been around for several hundred years; long enough that a true beginning date hasn’t really been agreed on. The origins of darts appear to be with loggers who would throw axes at the ends of cut down trees trying to hit the heart wood, or bullseye. From there it eventually moved to smaller projectiles until the dart was eventually adopted.

Nice cluster!

The officially recognized game of darts is that of 501 (or 301 for a faster game). Usually the game is for two people, but it easily scales to any number you could desire. The main premise of the game is that each player starts with 501 (or 301) points with the objective of being the first to reach 0 points. Each dart throw subtracts numbers of points equal to the point value of the target hit. In order to win, a player needs to reach exactly 0 points without going over. If they go below 0 points, their score is reset to the value from the beginning of the turn. It’s a fairly straight forward game, really; and it all comes down to aim.

There are also other games, which can be seen here. Basically they all revolve around using your aim to score or subtract points (or even meet objectives). One of my favorite games has always been “Around the Clock” due to it’s simplicity and speed of play. It’s pretty simple, you have to hit each number on the board in order, then bulls-eye before everyone else. Again, simple, quick, and allows you to hone your aim.

I’m getting all nostalgic now. I haven’t played with my dart board in years… mostly due to a lack of people around me who want to play. Who wants to come down to the pub with me and throw some darts?

-Confusion is a state of mind, or is it?