I’m working on restructuring the plans for the YBW a bit, which will cause a delay in the release of the next part of the plans.  Basically the deal is I took way, WAY too many pictures for the second part (124 pictures), yet most of them are actually useful and pertinant to the plans.  As such, I’m going to re-add smaller pictures to the instructional portion of the plans, focusing on pictures that better illistrate the more difficult or hard to explain parts of the plans.  The rest of the pictures will be left in the diagrams and figures PDF, each with a figure notation which can be referenced by the plans; mostly for those who want or need a better view of what is going on.

Given the amount of time it took to write the first, much simpler part of the plans, I expect that this portion will take a few weeks to put together, especially since I’ll be re-working the first section as well as writing the second section.

I’m also working up a better, cad-like diagram of all the wooden parts that are being cut; this is actually almost finished and will be replacing my scanned diagrams once it’s finished.  I want to make an exploded view of the project to show assembly, but that might just be a pipe dream, as I may have neither time nor expertise to actually pull that off.  We shall see.

-Confusion is a state of mind, or is it?