This week’s geek craft is an Entrelac Crochet Dice Bag.

Entrelac crochet was something I discovered a few weeks ago and I took an immediate liking to it. It uses the basic tunisian stitch, a stitch I’d long been wanting to try my hand at. So, it gave me the opportunity to both learn the new stitch and make something I’d kept putting off for a while: a new dice bag. My current dice bag is getting to be a bit ragged… mostly because I’ve got more dice in it than what actually fits.

Using the H,Y,&K design as a base (linked above) I made a few changes to tailor it to my specific taste. First I did 5 rows of entrelac squares instead of the 7. And, instead of just joining the bottom together along the ends of the diamonds, instead I took the entrelac triangles from the entrelac square tutorial and filled in the top and the bottom of the entrelac tube to create a cylindar. From there I created a single crochet base, and a single crochet top portion with a draw string.

I like it well enough, but I think the color choice could have been better. Entrelac requires a contrasted pair of colors and I picked two that were very similar.

I like the result well enough, but I think on the next one I make I’ll do a few changes to my design. First, I’ll use two more contrasting colors. The blue and green are nice, but they’re too similar so the look is more subdued than having dissimilar colors. I’m thinking a dark green and a light/aqua blue might look more interesting. Second, the SC neck on the top is much tighter than the more elastic Tunisian stitch. I’ve since discovered that you can do Tunisian in the round using a double sided hook, so I definately want to try that for the next bag. Third, I’ll make the top taller after the draw string. Right now the top of the bag is a little stubby because I didn’t make it tall enough; I only did 3 rows after the drawstring. I think for the next bag I’ll do closer to 8 or 10 rows. Finally, I’ll be more careful with the draw string. I didn’t put the draw string holes close enough together, nor did I put the proper number of holes in. For the next bag I’ll pay more attention to this portion as I really did under-estimate what I needed.

I’m considering going back to this bag and making it taller, as it wouldn’t be difficult to do. I’m also thinking of adding a reverse crochet boarder to the lip of the bag as well… just to fancy it up a little.

-Confusion is a state of mind, or is it?