This week’s geek craft is a chain mail dice bag.


In the last few weeks my wife and I have been crocheting dice bags (they’ll get their own wednesday spotlight when we’re done… possibly next week or the week after).  But, one craft I’ve always wanted to take up has been chain mail.  I love the look of chain mail, and now that you can get annodized aluminum wire there are all kinds of possibilities.

It's green!

Chain mail, actually, is fairly easy to get into.  You only really need 4 things to start: Some thick wire, a dowel to wind it around, something to cut the wire into rings, and a pair of pliers to bend the rings and secure them into circles.  From there you just need a pattern,  or at least a little know how.  As far as that goes one of the best sites out there is M.A.I.L. Tutorials, patterns, and an active community! What more could you ask for?

Someday I’ll start working with chain mail.  Someday.

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