This week I’m spotlighting 221B Baker Street.

Older School

I’ve never been much of a person for the classical board games.  Some of them I like well enough, but I don’t know that I would go out of my way to play many of them unless it came up at a game night.

221B Baker Street is an exception to this; and is one of the few board games I ever asked for as a gift (and received even).

221B (as I shall call it to save time typing) is a detective board game.  The board is laid out as several city blocks with many marked points of interest.  At the beginning of the game a case is selected and read.  From that case reading you get an idea as to what points of interest might contain clues.  Now, these locations may give you a useful clue, a red herrings, or nothing at all.  After collecting clues a player may eventually figure out the mystery, in which case they head back to the beginning of the map and announce their suspicion.  If they’re right they win, if not they are removed from play and the game continues.

The game comes with a case book that contains 20 cases, so unless you play a ton of games all at once it should last you a while.  There are also 9 expansion case books which contain 20 additional cases each.  So with 200 cases to solve, you can play long enough that you’ll probably forget everything in the first book by the time you get back around to it.

I find that it’s a rather fun game, which is amazing since I neither have a particular fondness for board games nor do I really like detective novels.  If you can find somebody with a set, I highly recommend giving it a go.

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