This weekend we have a relatively new comic to my weekly reading collection: Precocious by Christopher Paulsen.

Precocious was started in 2008 and is still running strong with 6 weekly updates, now in full color for about the last 3-4 months.  At it’s core, Precocious is another comic following in the footsteps of Calvin and Hobbes.  This time, though, there is a large cast of youngsters causing the mayhem.  Focusing around a group of 4 of the kids (though including up to 18+ kids depending on the strip or story line), the comic primarily deals with their wacky hijinx and interactions with their bedraggled parents.  Again, much like most Calvin and Hobbes comics.

That will be me on the far right once Tron is big enough to use a shovel.

The humor is a nice mix of old-school violence and schaudenfreuda with newer tastes of culture.  In general I find that many of the jokes are very accessable, though I think parents might appreciate some of the parenting humor more than those without little terrors of their own.  Unlike a lot of the gag-a-day strip comics, Precocious focuses a lot on story arcs, having very few stand alone comics.  Most arcs last 50 or more strips so there is a surprising amount of content in each arc.

As always, I prefer to let the comic stand or fall on it’s own virtues rather than gush about it, so go read it.  There are only 800 or so strips so it shouldn’t take you very long at all.  And for those of you squeamish about the anthropomorphic comics: if you close your eyes and hum for two days there will be a new post up on my site by then.

-Confusion is a state of mind, or is it?