I had the opportunity the weekend before last to work on the yarn ball winder project enough to finish the base of the unit.  Since then I’ve finished the first draft of this part of the project which I’ll be linking here for those who want to take a gander at what I’ve got thus far.  It’s not much, and it took way longer to document everything than I anticipated (for every 1 hour of work I’ll need to plan on 5 hours for the first draft write up… ew).

There are two PDFs of this project.  The first PDF is the instructions while the second is the pictures referenced by the first document.  I had originally put both pictures and the instructions in one PDF, but it looked rather bad and with two PDFs it’s easier to look at the pictures and read the documents without having to scroll around a ton.

You may also notice that the instructions start with Section 2.  I’ll actually be doing Section 1 last, as that will be the introduction to the project and will include the full required/optional tools and parts lists… which won’t be finalized until the very end of the project.  There are also a couple areas within section 2 that I’ll probably expand upon, like the drilling portion.

Anyway, without further noodling, here they are:

Yarn Ball Winder Plans

Yarn Ball Winder Figures

Constructive criticism, corrections, etc would be welcome in the comments section.

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